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African Safari Guide Part1

Inspiration Safari Guide - Authentic, Intimate, Ethical

One Who Cares for Their

One Who Cares for Their Reputation There is an old Ghanaian saying that tells us ‘Rain beats the leopards skin, but it does not wash out the spots’ , this is a caution to care for your reputation, for once your name is marred, it will be difficult to wash those stains away. Always check the recommendations and reviews that follow your chosen tour provider. Previous travelers will be keen to share both a terrible experience and those rare and wonderful moments that changed their life. TripAdvisor can be a valuable resource, mine the internet and find your answers.

One Who Delivers More for Less The best experiences aren’t always those that are packaged the prettiest. Once you peel away the ribbons and bows, you want to make sure that what’s inside the box is substantial. Quality isn’t just skin deep, it cuts right down to the muscle. Pick a safari provider who has an ethos you agree with. One who offers ethical, intelligent, and transparent solutions and suggestions.