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Ever since I can remember, I have had an awareness of God. He has always been at the centre of my life. He was always in the air I breathed.I also wanted to help others find faith. I’ve always had this kind of desire to serve God and help others find Him even from a young age. One early ambition was to be a missionary! I have no idea where that came from other than God Himself.

On the Via Dolorosa I

On the Via Dolorosa I see my Lord, the Way, the Truth and the Life He moveth on wearing a crown of thorns, carrying a cross I see my Lord crawling on the raggedy way leading to Calvary the blood from his forehead smarting His eyes. I am just another bystander witnessing the razor sharp lash cutting into His flesh and I crave to stretch my arms around Him I am on the street the Holy Lamb of God has Walked I am on the Via Dolorosa, In Jerusalem, in the Holy Land. The Holy Fire Miracles always happen I have lived a miracle I have seen the Holy Fire At noon, on Holy Saturday descending like a sword, swirling like a smoky coil before lighting the candle of the girl next to me. Miracles always happen Some minds deny the truth Others cling to concreteness But Jesus is always there it is a mere cowardice to seek safety in negations “Logic is like the sword– those who appeal to it shall perish by it.”

Raitho the Land of Fruits the biblical Elim a stopping place for travellers El-Tur * The history of the city of El Tur dates back to the time of the pharaohs but little people know about it, as El Tur is not located in an area destinated for tourism, but is has a longer history than most other places in Sinai. The first inhabitants called it Raitho, the land of fruit, because there were so many palm trees with dates to be found. In the Bible El Tur is called Elim. El Tur later was named after the nearby mountain, Gebel El Tur. Saint Agatha Agatha wealthy and beautiful unfaltering,unswerving,enduring unwavering, unyielding,tortured,humiliated bleeding, gushing, spurting warm, holy Blood

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Interior Castle (Teresa of Avila)
From Painfully Awkward to Socially Successful: How You Can Talk To Anyone Effortlessly, Communicate On A Personal Level, Build Successful Relationships (Improve Social Skills Social Anxiety) (John S. Lawson)