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Ever since I can remember, I have had an awareness of God. He has always been at the centre of my life. He was always in the air I breathed.I also wanted to help others find faith. I’ve always had this kind of desire to serve God and help others find Him even from a young age. One early ambition was to be a missionary! I have no idea where that came from other than God Himself.

"John Maximovich ( the

"John Maximovich ( the Wonderworker) " Vladika John of Adamovka You taught us self-mortification Your severe asceticism, a glorious purification Your abstention from sleep, a wake-up call Like worms we crawl the Earth Unable to direct our gaze to the source of Light chained to carnal desires and self-destruction We pray to you to intercede before God Entrusted with heavenly secrets You showed us the way to transcend physical laws To humble ourselves and be saved To die before we die so that we will not die when we die

Damascus in Syria before the war I love spring Whenever I look out the window I see a riot of color. Flowers of all forms and sizes Blossoming in my garden after being shrinking violets. But Nigella damascena is my favorite reminding me of Damascus in Syria before the war Reminding me that the Chaghoura, the beautiful gazelle will protect me from snipers, rapists and bombs

Interior Castle (Teresa of Avila)
From Painfully Awkward to Socially Successful: How You Can Talk To Anyone Effortlessly, Communicate On A Personal Level, Build Successful Relationships (Improve Social Skills Social Anxiety) (John S. Lawson)