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Ever since I can remember, I have had an awareness of God. He has always been at the centre of my life. He was always in the air I breathed.I also wanted to help others find faith. I’ve always had this kind of desire to serve God and help others find Him even from a young age. One early ambition was to be a missionary! I have no idea where that came from other than God Himself.

"Maria Skobtsova- The

"Maria Skobtsova- The Holy Fool" You shared the life of paupers and tramps, You made a derelict house of three stories, a home You fed a hundred, a modern Noah's Ark at 77 rue de Lourmel in the fifteenth arrondisement Maria Skobtsova, the Saint of the Open door You Died in the gas chambers — Good Friday as it happened. You entered eternal life, offering yourself consciously to the holocaust I can still hear the shellfire of the approaching Red Army in the distance... Copyright © 2018 STRONGHOLD OF ORTHODOXY PUBLICATIONS

Sofia Kioroglou is a missionary, a pilgrim and a wife who happens to write poetry and flash fiction as a form of catharsis. She would be a cave recluse in Sinai had she not met her husband in Jerusalem four years ago. She is a twice award-winning writer and a 2017 Best of the Net Award nominee. Her poetry and flash fiction have played on the radio and are included in many anthologies, podcasts and a number of literary journals and printed books. She is a freelance editor, translator and copywriter. She has a book forthcoming in the next few months entitled " Literary Journeys to the Holy Land.To learn more about Sofia Kioroglou’s work, visit:

Interior Castle (Teresa of Avila)
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