10 months ago

Better Man

Brett and Kate McKay

Brett and Kate McKay been working here?” Introduce yourself and ask them their name. There you go — you’ve just made a new connection with someone you interact with on a regular basis. People at work generally welcome a friendly chat (the exception being if they’re really busy and there are other people waiting; don’t hold up the line or keep a waitress from her tables). Their day is monotonous and half the time they have to help some nimrod who’s talking on his cell phone and treating them like an automated robot. A friendly conversation can be a bright spot in their day. As an added benefit, if you chat with them regularly, you may end up getting better service. It’s only human nature. People tend to treat people they know and like better than people they don’t know. 6. Ask questions. Probably the easiest way to get people to start yammering is to ask questions about them. Most people love to talk about themselves. But be careful how you employ this. It’s probably not a good idea to ask a woman you just met where she lives and what time she comes home. You’ll just freak her out. 7. Be authentic. When talking with strangers, be your best self. There’s no need to come up with some canned lines that you say to people you don’t know. When you’re comfortable with yourself, people recognize that and will instantly become comfortable with you. 107

30 Days to a better man And people online don’t count. Today’s Task: Talk to 3 Strangers The 3 Strangers I Talked to Today 1. ________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________ 108