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Better Man

Day 4 Increase Your

Day 4 Increase Your Testosterone When it comes to the differences between men and women, some are arguably cultural and some are biological. And the ones that are biological all pretty much have one thing in common: testosterone. It was testosterone that helped form your penis and scrotum when you were just a fetus, and testosterone that put those first awesome hairs on your chest as a teenager. You may not have thought about testosterone much since your voice cracked while reciting Shakespeare in Mrs. Tonnelson’s ninth grade English class. But you should. A lot, actually. Why, you ask? Well, ask yourself the following questions: • Do you feel like your libido has been ebbing away? • Has erectile dysfunction caused you embarrassment? • Have you been carrying some extra pounds that won’t go away? • Do you often feel physically and mentally tired? • Do you feel depressed and unhappy? • Do you feel shiftless and lack drive? • Do you wish you felt more like a man? Testosterone is not the cure for all of life’s ills. But it can go a long way in addressing these ailments and contributing to your overall health and well-being. What is Testosterone? Testosterone is part of the androgen group and is the primary male sex hormone. The majority of your T is produced by your trusty testes. Women