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Better Man

30 Days to a better man

30 Days to a better man those things, you’d simply start thinking about new things you wanted. Gratitude is an attitude that can be cultivated in whatsoever circumstances you find yourself in. It’s not about good things happening to you, it’s about finding new layers of wonderfulness in the things that you have right now. Today’s Task: Cultivate Your Gratitude Today’s task has two parts to help you work on both your personal gratitude and also on showing your gratitude to others. Part 1: Cultivate Your Personal Gratitude It’s time to take stock of all the good things in life that we have to be thankful for. So task #1 is to make a list of 10 things that you’re grateful for. When you start, big things will probably come to mind first: health, family, job, kids, etc. But remember gratitude will really work its magic in your life when you start taking notice of the great layers of pleasure present in everyday things. We often walk around like zombies, totally numb to the great beauty and joy we experience each day. So think about really specific things. Not just, “I’m thankful for my wife,” but, “I’m thankful that my wife makes me laugh every day.” Not just, “I’m thankful for my kids,” but, “I’m thankful for how happy it makes me when my kids rush to the door when I come home from work.” It doesn’t have to be deep stuff. You can be thankful for a delicious meal of beer and pizza or how fresh the house smells when the windows are open. Really take some time to think about the stuff that gives you pleasure and happiness. And don’t feel like being grateful for material things is superficial; it’s great to take time to reflect on how thankful you are for the Nissan 350Z in your driveway. 34

Brett and Kate McKay 10 Things I’m Grateful For 1. ________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________ 4. ________________________________________________________ 5. ________________________________________________________ 6. ________________________________________________________ 7. ________________________________________________________ 8. ________________________________________________________ 9. ________________________________________________________ 10. ________________________________________________________ Part 2: Show Your Gratitude to Others Too many times we skimp on the thank yous because something has happened so often it’s become routine or we figure the person already knows how thankful we are for them. But as I said above, they often don’t, and even if they do, telling them directly will warm their soul and make their day. So task #2 is to give three thank yous to three different people today. These have to be specific thank yous. I’m not talking about the waiter bringing your soup and you saying, “Thank you,” in return, although you could at the end of the meal say, “I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for 35