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Module 4 – Back-up

Module 4 – Back-up Tool Positive thoughts! Take a look at your negative thoughts and see how you can make them more supportive and encouraging. Copyright©Lindy Wheeler 2011 All rights reserved Photocopyable Resource

Module 4 – Back-up Tool What’s in your ‘back-up’? What feelings do you find difficult? These are a few suggestions but add your own. How ‘full’ is your back-up? Sad Lonely Worried Jealous Scared Unfair Rejected Unloved Unheard Guilt Shame Fear Anger Humiliated Embarrassed Abandoned Nervous Powerless Bullied Misunderstood Bored Despairing Used Unappreciated Failure Unhappy Loss Panic Criticised Left out Unworthy Disrespected Copyright©Lindy Wheeler 2011 All rights reserved Photocopyable Resource

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