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Module 5 – Release

Module 5 – Release Tools Finding relief… Exercise: How often do you take regular exercise? This could be walking, dancing, swimming, jogging, running, cycling or any other aerobic exercise? Talking: How well can you talk about and express your feelings? Can you talk openly and honestly to those you trust or do you hold back and protect others from your strong feelings? Crying: Crying is natures way of expressing strong feeling – either joy or sadness. Do you allow your tears or do you hold back? Laughter: When did you last have a really good belly laugh? Are you attracted to fun and laughter or do you shy away from fun? Laughter really is the best medicine! Creativity: How creative are you? Do you write, paint, draw, knit, sew or ‘make’ things? Creativity provides a brilliant release for our emotions and focuses us mindfully in the present. Positivity: Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Do you expect things to turn out well, or do you habitually prepare yourself for the worst possible outcome? On the wheel rate yourself 1-10 for each of the Release Tools. Copyright©Lindy Wheeler 2011 All rights reserved Photocopyable Resource

Module 5 – Release Tools Stretch and Yawn Exercise Your spine is like a high-speed data highway. Information is continually passing through your spinal column linking your brain to your body and it’s important to keep the data flowing smoothly. This simple ‘stretch and yawn’ exercise is designed to lengthen and stretch the spine, release pressure from the shoulders, neck and back, and to fill your lungs with air. Do the exercise two or three times when you wake in the morning and again just before getting into bed at night. You can also use the exercise during the day to help you find balance and relief from stress. Stand with your feet slightly apart and pointing forward. Make sure your knees are over your feet and your hips are over your knees. Look straight ahead at a point on the wall. Focus softly on the point – it will be your ‘anchor’ Roll your left shoulder back. Lift it first to your ear and then roll it back. As you do this feel the lovely stretch. Repeat with right shoulder. Clasp your hands in front of you. Turn the palms down and push down through your arms towards the floor. Feel the stretch across your shoulders. Slowly raise your arms, hands still clenched and palms facing up. Stretch up through your arms and feel the stretch down the sides of your body. Make sure your head falls forward and not backwards. When your arms are stretched above your head take a really big yawn. Slowly lower your arms to your sides and relax. Shake your arms to release any tension. Now clasp hands again and press palms downwards. Feel the stretch across your shoulders. Slowly raise arms above head and enjoy the stretch again – take another big yawn. (Laugh too if you want to. A big ‘belly laugh’ gives your heart, and lungs a really good workout.) Slowly lower arms to your sides and give them a good shake to release tension. That’s it. Don’t forget to do the exercise when you get out of bed in the morning – it will get your day off to a great start. Copyright©Lindy Wheeler 2011 All rights reserved Photocopyable Resource

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