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Module 5 – Release

Module 5 – Release Tools Ten ways to create GREAT chemistry! Smile Smiling releases endorphins and it’s contagious! When you walk into a room smiling you trigger the ‘mirror neurons’ of others. Smiling lifts the facial muscles (free cosmetic surgery!) and shared laughter triggers oxytocin, the bonding hormone. Listen to music (or better still ‘make’ music) Music affects mood so choose it carefully. If you’re feeling low, emotionally full, anxious or worried then put on some great music and rock out. The beat and rhythm will get you moving, raise your heart rate and get you breathing deeply. Dance like nobody’s watching! Use your senses Go barefoot and feel the earth under your feet, take time to smell the roses, really taste your food. Give your brain brilliant information to work with. When you focus on your senses and become really mindful you are focused on the here and now, rather than worrying about the future, or fretting about the past. Get outside and be with nature Being in the fresh air is a great mood improver. If you’re feeling low or anxious go for a walk, breath deeply and gets some sun and air on your skin. Sunlight boosts your serotonin (mood hormone) and your Vitamin D Levels. Create a ‘favourite’ route – somewhere you can escape to when things start to get on top of you. Hug A 20 second meaningful hug creates oxytocin, the hormone linked to trust and bonding. Make hugging your default greeting and make others feel good too. Create something – with a start, middle and end! Whether it’s a cake, a painting, a great meal, something to wear ….. the act of completing something that demands focus and intent is absolutely brilliant for creating dopamine (the reward hormone). It wall also boost your self esteem and sense of self worth. Copyright©Lindy Wheeler 2011 All rights reserved Photocopyable Resource

Module 5 – Release Tools Ten ways to create GREAT chemistry! (continued/…) Pamper yourself Go on – you’re worth it. Take a long leisurely bath. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure. Take time out to do a face-mask, or to apply a treatment to your hair. The whole process of valuing yourself enough to take time out to do this is very nourishing and affirming. Be your own best friend for a few hours. Make time for yourself It’s really easy to get caught up in giving your time to everyone else and to forget to build in YOU time. Finding time to be alone, to think, meditate, read something inspiring, listen to lovely music, to rest, recharge and replenish your energy levels is not a luxury …. It’s a NECESSITY. Let others know you are doing this and ask for their support. Those who love you will be pleased to help! Make a gratitude journal When you’re caught up with anxiety and worry it’s really easy to forget about what’s good in your life and focus on the bad things. Making a list of the things you love about your life can help refocus you. Expressing gratitude is like your emotional reset button! Keep a gratitude journal by your bed and write down three things you have enjoyed about your day. It could be an unexpected hug from a friend, a cheerful email, a lovely meal or something youve learnt. By the end a week you’ll have 21 reasons to feel happy! Pay it forward … Create RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness). When you spontaneously help another, or show compassion, generosity, enthusiasm or encouragement you generate feel good chemistry for yourself and them. Humans are social animals – our survival as a species depends on our ability to love and support each other. We are ‘chemically programmed’ to connect through kindness and when we create a RAK we are boosted with a lovely shot of dopamine the powerful ‘reward’ hormone. And finally …… The Human Toolbox Make a list of things you want to achieve, create, see, experience or share in your life. Make it as wild, whacky and fabulous as you can and keep adding to it. (Use Pinterest to create your ‘Bucket List’.) Research shows that those who write down their aims and ambitions are far more likely to achieve them ….. and simple the act of imagining and focusing on inspiring, heartwarming and nourishing things will make you feel GREAT! 21 Copyright©Lindy Wheeler 2011 All rights reserved Photocopyable Resource

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