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Module 7 – Connect

Module 7 – Connect Tools Good connections… Love: How good are you at giving and receiving love from others. Do you tell others, and show them how much you love and appreciate them. Self love: How well do you look after yourself? Do your put yourself down or do your value your skills and achievements. Are you your own best friend, or worst enemy? Empathy: How well can you ‘enter the world’ of others? Are you able to be compassionate understanding and supportive without feeling overwhelmed? Gratitude: Do you count your blessings …. or do you focus on the things you don’t have in your life? Kindness: Do you find pleasure in showing kindness? Are you as kind to yourself as you are to others? Optimism: Is your glass half empty or half full? Do you arm yourself against disappointment by always expecting the worst – or do you always expect the best outcome? On the wheel rate yourself 1 (low) - 10 (high) for each of the Connect Tools. Copyright©Lindy Wheeler 2011 All rights reserved Photocopyable Resource

Module 7 – Connect Tools Types of love… Eros: How good is your ‘love life’? Eros is the type of intimate, passionate love you give and receive from your partner. Do you keep this alive in your relationship? Philia This is the type of love you get from your friends or ‘brothers in arms’. Do you make time to enjoy and nourish your friendships? Storge This is family love. The love you feel from being part of your tribe, from ‘belonging’ and feeling loved and accepted for who you are, not what you do. Ludus This is playful love. You might feel ludus when you’re dancing like no one is watching, or laughing and joking with your family, friends and peers. Agape This is love for mankind. Your community, country, the planet as a whole. We feel agape when we open our hearts and are thankful for all we have. Pragma This is mature love, based on compassion, compromise, understanding, empathy, shared experience, deep connection, shared interest. A relationship which starts with Eros should mature into Pragma if it is to last and endure. Philautia This is love of yourself. Are you kind and compassionate to yourself. Are you your own best friend. Do you encourage, admire, congratulate and unconditionally love yourself? If not start right now…. YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE Copyright©Lindy Wheeler 2011 All rights reserved On the wheel rate yourself 1 (low) - 10 (high) for each of the different types of love. Photocopyable Resource

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