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VIRTUAL MAGAZINE Rafael Alejandro Cruz Ortiz During all my life I have always admired New York. First for being a great city and second of all for its shows and activities which are all awesome. Christmas is a time of peace and unity in most of the world and it´s celebrated in lots of different ways. So now I will present to you smo places you can visit if you celebrate christmas in New York. First up The Rockefeller Center is concidered the hearth of christmas on New York. Its best ice rink has existed for over 79 years and its decorated christmas tree has been a tradition for over 84 years. If you are that kind of person that loves colorful shows you might enjoy visiing the Radio City Auditory, where they celebrate with a colorful christmas fest and fireworks. If you enjoy spending time with nature I personaly recommend visiting Central Park, on the southeast corner you can find over 100 stores which offer almost everything you can imagine. If you stroll around the park you will encounter 2 Ice rinks and trips in carts pulled by horses.

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