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THE BIG INTERVIEW You are an American, only here in Edinburgh for one semester. What attracted you to Edinburgh as a place to study? I was really impressed by the amount of international students that go to Edinburgh University. As a history student, I was very drawn to study in a place both rich in history and diverse in culture. I hoped to, and have already, met students from all over the world. I love that! From Massachusetts correct? How does Edinburgh compare to back home? I am! Edinburgh is much larger than my hometown, 20 Stockbridge, which has only 2,000 residents. But still, Edinburgh life hasn’t overwhelmed me at all, and I always find pockets of this city that have a small-town vibe. Most of all, I love being able to hike, especially Arthur’s Seat, because at home I hike all of the time. Also, everyone here is a bit friendlier! Staying with back home, it’s clear you played football, or soccer as it is known in North America, before coming here. Can you fill us in on your career prior to joining up with EUHV? Yeah! So I’ve played soccer since I was 7 years old. I played on both local teams, including my high school team, and a club team called Soccer Domain Academy. I took a break from “I WAS VERY DRAWN TO STUDY IN A PLACE BOTH RICH IN HISTORY AND DIVERSE IN CULTURE. ” school and soccer for about 3 years after high school. I began to play co-ed friendly matches for fun, and just totally fell in love with the sport again. I decided to go back to university to get a degree in history, and play soccer competitively again. I now have one more EUHV - FEBRUARY 2018

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