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Sample Compass Proposal


WELCOME TO COMPASS GUIDING YOUR PATH TO A SUCCESSFUL RETIREMENT PLAN Compass Retirement Consulting Group, Inc. (Compass) is a third party administration firm that provides employers with retirement plan design, administration, actuarial services, and ongoing plan consulting. Compass 360, LLC is our IRC 3(16) Fiduciary arm. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and we have worked with clients such as Ingersoll-Rand, Bose, ABB, and Sony Music, as well as hospitals, retail stores, and not-for-profit organizations. Compass was founded in April 2006 by two actuaries with over 50 years of combined experience in the design and administration of pension and other post-retirement benefit programs. They have led the company to where it is today by using their experience to focus on high-quality consulting, best-in-class customer experience and old-school work ethic. WHAT WE BELIEVE It’s our belief that the retirement program should integrate with the financial and human resource goals of the client. Our philosophy is to create and nurture a partnership with clients and to understand the client’s business needs. We’re experts in retirement programs, consulting with clients on the evaluation of long-term costs of these programs and developing cost-effective plan designs to meet the needs of you and your employees. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality advice and service and look forward to working with you on your ongoing retirement plan.

WHY COMPASS YOUR NAVIGATION SYSTEM FOR THE SERVICE YOU DESERVE Our goal is to play an integral role in your company’s pension planning. We’ll become a partner to your human resource and finance departments. OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU INCLUDES: o Phone calls and emails are returned within half a day o Periodic review of plan design and allocation methods o The timely filing of all governmental forms as required o The timely completion of annual compliance testing WE HOLD OUR STAFF AND OUR BUSINESS TO THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF EXCELLENCE. o Our consultants have a minimum of 10 years of retirement administration experience o We offer continuing education for our professional staff o We have and will continue to invest in the best software available o We maintain up-to-date errors and omissions coverage WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT FOUR PILLARS DRIVE OUR SERVICE PHILOSOPHY. THEY ARE: 1. Dynamic Consulting: We work with you to design a plan customized to meet your specific needs. As your needs change, we will suggest design improvements to the plan so it reflects those changes. We strive to create the best plan for your business and employees. 2. Customer Experience: Every client will experience a dedicated single point of contact. Relationships are important. Our goal is to build a meaningful relationship with you and your firm and work side-by-side to lend you a helping hand. 3. Technology: When Compass first opened its doors, a key decision was made to purchase technology that would help maintain quality as a priority. Our client management system allows clients and their strategic partners the ability to download any and all plan documentation in real time. 4. Reasonable Fees: We consistently benchmark our fee structure to the industry to ensure our competitiveness. We believe Compass can give clients the best of both worlds: expert advice and quality service for reasonable fees. Additionally, we partner with experts in the industry, including ERISA attorneys, financial advisors, and accountants to provide you with the highest quality recommendations.