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GYPSY ARM Ingredients

GYPSY ARM Ingredients For the sponge cake: 4 eggs (size L) 120 g. of sieved flour 120 g. of sugar ½ Royal baking powder (8 g.) fine salt (a pinch) For the cream: 4 yolks (eggs L) 100 g of sugar 50 g of Maizena (fine corn flour) 500 ml. of whole milk ½ skin of a lemon and 1 cinnamon stick PROCESS Preparation of the pastry cream. Gypsy arm filling Let's start by making the pastry cream filling, so you can have time to cool down and get consistency while we bake the cake. Wash the lemon and peel half of its skin, ensuring that no white part inside, as this gives us bitterness. Of the half liter of milk, we reserve a little less than one glass (150 ml.). Put the rest to heat in a saucepan, until it is about to boil. Remove from heat, and add cinnamon sticks and lemon peel. Let it cool and infuse the milk, for 10-15 minutes. We will give a nice flavor to the custard. In the reserved milk glass, add the cornstarch and stir well, using a few rods or a fork. We want it to dissolve completely and not have lumps. In a bowl, we separate the yolks from the whites, and these are reserved for the final decoration. Tapadlas with plastic film and put them in the fridge. We add the sugar to the yolks and beat until frothed. Now we throw the glass of milk with the corn flour, and mix well with the rods, without lumps.

The milk that was infused, the colamos and we went to a dipper (we would be the same from the beginning). Heat to medium heat, and as soon as it takes temperature, we are adding the mixture little by little, stirring without stop. We will see how it will go taking "body" and thickening. It is important that it never come to a boil, so that we do not miss a point. We reserve and let cool, so that it acquires the final texture. Preparation of sponge cake for the gypsy arm Of the 4 eggs, we separate the yolks from the whites. We mount the whites with metal rods, with a pinch of salt. Better if you use an electrical device with the rod tool, otherwise you will leave your arm in it. Once in its point, well fluffy, we add the beaten yolks. Mix until you get a homogeneous cream. Now it's the turn of the sugar, which we are gradually throwing into the bowl, while we beat. Mix the yeast with the flour and add to the cream, without stopping to mix. We will get a homogeneous cream without lumps. We preheat oven to 180º C for 5 minutes. We lined a baking tray with sulfurized paper (baking paper). Pour the cream over it and bake for 10-12 minutes in the center position, with heat up-down.

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