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BusinessDay 11 Feb 2018

BusinessDay 11 Feb

BUSINESS DAY Hard options before Tinubu in 2019 The appointment last Tuesday of Bola Ahmed Tinubu... p.12 ‘There is urgent need to revisit the basis of our togetherness as a country’ p. 25 BDSUNDAY 2019: Why Madumere remains Okorocha’s best bet as successor I understand the vision of my boss. p. 30-31 Sunday 11 February 2018 Vol 1, No. 204 N300 Market & Commodities Monitor Brent Oil US $63.38 Gold US $1,316.10 Cocoa US $2,052.00 5yr Bond -0.04 13.54% 10yr Bond -0.01 13.68% 20yr Bond -0.06 13.47% inside ‘Give us our guns, we are going back to the creeks’ Aggrieved militants at Arogbo in Ese-Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State, who embraced the amnesty programme and surrendered their arms to the state government, have threatened to return to the creeks. p. 7 ‘I neither need empathy nor alms, but opportunity to work for a living’ He could ordinarily have taken a ‘sidon look’ attitude to life based on self-pity. p. 15 2019 battle may have started in Amaechi’s backyard The battle for the soul of Rivers State in 2019 may have started one year ahead in Ubima, hometown of the Ikwerre-born ex-governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who is now Nigeria’s minister of transportation. p. 10-11 A cross section of Lagosians protesting increase in Lekki toll fare, weekend. Pic by Olawale Amoo Remorseful Buhari in fencemending moves ahead 2019 CHUKS OLUIGBO & MABEL DIMMA In what appears as a confirmation of the optimism expressed recently by Ahmad Lawan, Senate majority leader (APC, Yobe North), that the All Progressives Congress (APC) was going to fulfil all its campaign promises to Nigerians before 2019, President Muhammadu Buhari may have begun to take some steps not only to fulfil these promises but also to win back Nigerians who have lost confidence in his administration. While some Nigerians say these moves are coming rather too late, others say it is never too late to This strategy can be seen in the increase in the allocation for the Amnesty Programme payments by 30 percent in the 2018 budget make amends and get back on track. The general consensus is that Buhari has since coming to power in 2015 frittered away the massive goodwill that ushered him into Aso Rock Villa through below par performance. Despite outcry in various quarters over many things that had gone wrong in the Nigerian system in the last two-and-a-half years, the President had either been slow to act or had kept mute, leading many Nigerians to believe that he treated them with contempt. But President Buhari seems to have recently woken up from his long period of inertia following what many Apapa: When government dances on graves of businesses, residents land state called Lagos. Apapa is Apapa means much more. It is meaning and significance. CHUKA UROKO also a local government area in also a port city, the country’s In its good old days, Apapa was Lagos created, like the 19 others premier port city harbouring described as an area of aquatic By simple and elementary in the state, for administrative the two busiest seaports in the splendor where the white settlers, top level federal civil ser definition, Apapa is just convenience and political expediency. the Apapa Ports-where both country- the Tin Can Island and a geographical expression within a ‘small’ is- But by accident of its location, export and import trade finding p.24 p. 4-5