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Spring Issue 2018 Mini-Mag

Spring Issue 2018 Mini-Magazine Version

What does it take to b

What does it take to b Uneke? By bUneke Staff We found a unique way to spell something people talk about but don’t always know how to accomplish. Our name urges you to Be Unique, yet how can anyone define exactly what it means to be uniquem let alone bUneke? Pick up any dictionary and you’ll find variations of the same definition for the word. • being the only one • being without a like or equal • distinctively characteristic or peculiar • unusual • out of the ordinary If you check into the word’s synonyms you’ll find words like: • rare • different • exclusive • uncommon • exceptional • unparalleled • incomparable • unmatched • strange • weird Who wants to be weird, though? Weirdness, like uniqueness is perceived differently by different people. To a musician, working throughout the night and sleeping during the day isn’t weird. It’s how business is

You b inspired | b enlightened | b authentic done. Vegas showgirls aren’t considered weird for their elaborate costumes although those aren’t what they might wear to a movie. Visit DragonCon or ComiCon and you’d expect to see dueling lightsabers or Master Sergeant talking with Poison Ivy, but those are unusual settings. Some people think engineers are weird, but they aren’t. They simply think, speak and act differently. Just as it would be odd for a hockey player to wear ice skates, pads and a helmet to an opera, rarely will you find a ballerina in toe shoes at a baseball game. Context makes things strange, but everyone has the power to be one-of-a-kind, for that is what you already are. To be unique means you are exceptional. To bUneke means you have the power to change the world! In little ways or big ways, every day, every person has the ability to effect change. Whether this touches you alone or changes someone else, we’d like to hear about it. How can you bUneke every day? · Start by making up your mind to be true to yourself. • Smile more. • Be kinder. • Be happy with how you look while you work toward a healthy lifestyle. • Know that even identical twins are unique and the way an experience affects one will not affect the other the same way. • Don’t conform for the sake of being like everyone else. • Even in situations where everyone wears the same uniform and stands the same way, a mother will know her child. Understand that by being you, you are already unique. • If you want to follow trends or fads, that’s okay, as long as you maintain your own incomparable sense of style and know the reason you are doing it. • Know there are billions of other humans, all striving to be unique, while wanting to fit in. • Experiment with ways to stand out while fitting in. • Don’t underestimate your power. · Remember you are important to the Universe. • Become happy within your own skin and stop worrying about what others might think of you. • How you walk or talk, how you dress or where you work or go to school are not as important as how you make others feel. • Realize that labels, even the label of being unique, can confine you. • Don’t worry about being. • Simply: Be! • Explore! • Educate yourself! • Experiment! • Enjoy life! • bUnekely YOU! Contact us today to learn how you can sponsor a story that inspires, enlightens and encourages authenticity! Call 321-417-4309 or email

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