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CBS Funding Programs 1.6 -

Corporate Business Strategies: Funding Your Dreams 1 Disclaimer: the following statements concerning terms and conditions of loan amounts may NOT be the actual terms of your loan and are only to be regarded as a general guideline and for illustration purposes. All terms will be dictated by the actual lender of the loan your business entity is offered/received of which you are under no obligation to accept and can deny if you so choose. In no way or form are we acting as tax, real estate, financial or legal representatives for you or your company and advise that you seek professional help in all areas before making a decision to know the implication of such agreements and acceptance of funds. Corporate Business Strategies and its subsidiaries are strictly offering a consulting service that connects you with finance vendors and in no way guarantee that what is outlined will be exactly what you are offered. In no way can we guarantee you will receive the exact amount of funding you requested. The amount of $150,000 is meant to be guidelines only; individual results may vary.

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