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FAQ 1. Do I need to show

FAQ 1. Do I need to show proof of income/tax returns to get funding? NO, our programs do not require tax returns or proof of income to receive funding. However, if you can, it may increase your ability to get more funding. 2. What if I don’t qualify for any funding when I am finished with credit restoration? For those who fall into Option “B” we have Authorize Users and Primary tradelines that can be purchased to help enhance your file to get you credit worthy enough to qualify for a small amount of funding. After that we can “stair-step” you into higher rounds of funding. 3. I already have a corporation; can I use it to obtain the funding? Yes, if you have an existing corporation or LLC we can use it to obtain business funding regardless if it has a credit history or not. If your corp/LLC does have business credit established and/or can show business tax returns or bank statements, you may qualify for more business funding. 4. I am in credit repair now with another company, what are my options? You will need to either cease your services with your current company and then start with us, or you will need to finish the process with them and once you have achieved at least 680 FICO, you can retain our services to help you get funding 5. Can someone else PG my own corporation if my credit score does not meet the lending criteria? Yes if they meet the underwriter’s guidelines including FICO score and debt to income ratio, then of course they can PG your corporation/LLC. However, please note that all loans will be in their name and they will be completely liable if you don’t pay the money back. 6. Do you offer a money back guarantee? Yes, we do offer a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked within 3 days of your signed agreement. Also we offer a 100% refund if for some reason we are not able to perform our obligations and/or duties to you as outlined in your signed agreement and is of no fault of you or any 3rd party vendor. Please note we CANNOT guarantee that you or your corp/LLC will receive a specific amount. 7. Do you offer a guarantee of services that I will get me a specific amount of funding for each program described? No, we cannot guarantee that you will qualify for the amount specified for each program described above. Those amounts are for illustration purposes only and are based on past client approval history. All approvals are solely based on the underwriters opinion of your credit profile. 8. Will the funding come from one source or multiple sources? Your funding may come in different forms, such as; signature loans, credit cards, lines of credit, etc...Regardless of the makeup of funding the total amount will be as close as possible to the estimated amount for the package you purchased and in some cases may exceed that amount. 9. Can I do more than one funding program? Yes and No…each LLC will be Personally Guaranteed by you so you will only be able to apply for one program at a time. However, there is ways to “stair-step” you into other programs after your initial one is complete. Please contact us at 949-326-7977 to learn how the process works. 10 Corporate Business Strategies / 4340 Von Karman Ave.Ste 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660 / 949-326-7977

11 10. Are there any other requirements/cost to get the process started? You will have to sign up with an approved credit monitoring service (preferably with Credit Check Total or Privacy Guard) and maintain that service until all services have been completed. Some programs may require a specific aged corporation and/or business credit history of which these may be purchased if you don’t meet those requirements. 11. What are the terms of the loans? The terms are dictated by the lenders and will be explained to you in detail at the time of your approval. 12. What if I filed for bankruptcy, can you remove that? There are some restrictions on removing bankruptcies, the main one being it has to be at least 3 years old or older and has been marked as “dismissed.” There are a few other restrictions that may prevent us from removing it from your record, make sure to inquire with one of our agents to see if we can help restore your file. Call 949-326-7977 13. What can I use the money for/are there any restrictions on how I use the money? NO there are no restrictions; it is your business and you can use the money for anything you choose. 14. How long does the entire process take? It depends on which package you choose and what your credit profile is when you retain our services. You could receive funding in as little as fourteen (14) business days or it could take a few months to fix your credit and get you the funding you desire. Please contact us at 949-326-7977 so we can have a specialist analyze your profile today. 15. Do I have to accept the total amount of funding made available to me or my business? NO, you do not have to accept any or all the funding that is made available to you. 16. Do I have to pay back the money I receive? YES, the money you receive will be loans, credit cards, and/or signature loans all of which will be given to you as a form of credit to be paid back per the lender’s terms. 17. I was scammed before, how do I know you will perform? Who hasn't been scammed, we too have been, which is why we have spent over a year vetting out our vendors, in order to make sure we only have the most reputable people on our team. 18. Can I pick what state I want my LLC to derive from? Yes you can pick what state you want your new LLC to be instated along with the name of your choice (as long as it is available) HOWEVER, if you purchase a shelf corp you will be limited to what is available. At the time of purchase and we can then do a Foreign Entity Transfer change to transfer it to your state of choice. 19. Can I use my CPN to get funding? NO, we do not work with CPN’s. It is illegal to substitute a CPN number in place of your social security number on loan applications and will put you in breach of your contract. 20. What is an Aged (Shelf) Corporation? A Shelf Corporation, Shelf Company, or Aged Corporation, is a company or corporation that has had no activity. It was put on the “shelf” to “age”. The company can then be sold to a person or group of persons who wish to start a company without going through all the procedures of creating a new one. 21. Do I need to obtain Business Licenses for the LLC in my Home State? You will need to refer to an attorney or tax professional to determine if a business license is required in your state for the type of business you will be conducting. Corporate Business Strategies / 4340 Von Karman Ave.Ste 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660 / 949-326-7977

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