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You’ve requested this eBook because you are at an impasse with your business or idea for a business and are in need for funding to bring your ideas to fruition, and being entrepreneurs ourselves we understand your frustrations. You know where you want to go, you know how you are going to get there and you have a good idea of when you will arrive, but what you lack is the vehicle to take you on your journey. Let’s face it; there are many bumps and obstacles on every entrepreneur’s path. Some of the most common obstacles individuals have to overcome in order to make their professional dreams a reality are low credit scores (or lack of credit), lack of experience (new business), lack of money, and/or lack of network/relationships with the right people who you can trust to perform what they promise they would do. Our company’s programs remove 3 out of 4 of those obstacles (we can't provide you experience, that only comes with time) and puts you in the driver's seat of your own business with enough funding to take where you want to go. Not everyone’s needs are the same, which is why we have created different programs (pathways) for you to obtain your goals. What is Business Funding & How Does it Work? There are many misconceptions about how business funding programs work and what is possible. Let’s go over a few of the more popular misconceptions first. 1. If I use a shelf corp I can get funding without using my personal credit. NO, a shelf corp is only a corporation that is aged, usually they have NO credit history, which means they are only as strong as the owner who Personally Guarantee’s (PG) it. In essence the funding obtained is really based on the owner’s creditworthiness NOT the corporations. 2. I will be able to get funding if I add tradelines to my shelf corp. NO, the tradelines you buy will NOT be able to carry the entire weight of the funding alone. The underwriters will still want to factor in the owners creditworthiness to determine approval. Yes, tradelines will help strengthen the overall profile and we do offer and use them for certain programs, but as you will see later those programs still require the borrower to be creditworthy. 3. Is there such thing as a “No PG funding program?” Yes, if you own Apple, Google, Amazon, or any other fortune 500 company then most any lender will be glad to give you as much money as you want for very cheap without requiring you to PG the loan. BUT for the rest of us who are small business owners, the answer is NO. Those programs are mystical stories made-up by leading brokers and shelf-corp resellers to get you to buy their products for outrageous prices and once you buy in they then make up some story of why you don’t qualify and what other tradelines, products, etc, you need to buy to qualify for a “No PG” program…DON’T FALL FOR IT. You would be better off looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 4. What about the “Tier System” approach to get No PG funding? Yes, there is a systematic approach call the “Tier System” to build up your business credit profile with Duns and Bradstreet. Basically, you start off with net 30 vendor credit (Uline, Quail, etc.) make payments on time for 30-90 days; then apply for store cards (Lowes, Wal-Mart, etc.) make payments for 30-90 days; then apply for Business credit cards, again make payments for 30-90 days and so forth moving through all six (6) tiers. This process is long and tedious, taking up to a year to move through all the tiers and in the end only get approved up to around $50,000 all together, and some of that credit is vendor credit not cash. But, hey, you found that unicorn of no PG business funding, right? OR you could go through our program where we fix your credit up over 680 FICO and get you funding up to $150,000 in about 2 months… These are some of the more popular myths being spread around the business lending space and of course everyone wants them to be true but in actuality they are not; unless you have an established corporation churning out millions of dollars per year and have built up a credit history with many vendors over the years and always paid on time, you are going to need to PG your business funding. 2 Corporate Business Strategies / 4340 Von Karman Ave.Ste 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660 / 949-326-7977

Being an entrepreneur is about craving out your niche in the marketplace and creating a business to stand the test of time. Being an entrepreneur is also about taking risk and venturing into unexplored waters. It’s also about taking responsibility for your actions, which means you are willing to put your credit on the line for your idea, your dream…you can’t be afraid of being responsible, it comes with the territory of an entrepreneur. We can fix your past and make you creditworthy enough to PG your business funding; we can also help you get the funding, but the rest is up to you. Continue reading to see what programs we have available and what works best for your situation and let us handle the rest. Our Programs For Those Who Have a 700+ FICO The first lending criterion to be met is having a FICO score over 680, preferably over 700; however, not all “700 FICO” scores are created the same. So we will perform an analysis on your credit profile to make sure it presents itself to be strong enough to qualify for funding. For those who meet that criterion we can take you straight into funding, which will take about 2-3 weeks to complete. For those who don’t meet the “700 FICO” standard, don’t worry, we have relationships with a couple of great credit repair companies who are backed by a team of attorneys that can handle most any file and fix most of the negative items that typically show up on a credit profile. Such items include charge-offs, late payments, inquiries, bankruptcies, tax liens, etc. The first step is to complete a credit analysis on your file to see what type of items need to be removed and determine the process we will have to take to remove them. After which we can layout the options available to you that will suite your circumstances best. We truly stand behind our capabilities to restore your credit so when your file is presented to the underwriters they will see immediately that they are dealing with a creditworthy business owner. Before we begin the funding or credit repair process the client will need to determine how much funding they need and if they want only personal funding, business funding or a combination of both. These choices will determine what program they will enter into with us. Option A-Pay on the Backend Option A is for those clients who only need a little “touch up and polish” on their credit to get them back over 680. These would be files that need to remove a few charge-offs, some late payments, inquiry removal, etc…The important aspect of these clients is that after the credit restoration is complete, they will have at least 1-2 primary accounts (accounts in your name) and possibly some Authorized User accounts (accounts where someone has trusted you enough to allow you access to their credit card). Having a combination of these types of accounts in good standing leftover is going to allow us to take you to funding after the restoration is complete. 3 Corporate Business Strategies / 4340 Von Karman Ave.Ste 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660 / 949-326-7977

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