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We will assign you a

We will assign you a credit restoration specialist that will work with you to restore your credit profile up to 680 or higher. This service will include removing charge-offs, Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, inquiries, late payments etc., and if need be we have the ability add additional tradelines to make your profile more robust (for an additional fee). The credit restoration process will take about 2-6 weeks in addition to the 2-3 weeks for personal funding up to $50,000. A client can expect to complete the entire process from beginning to end in about two (2) months. The cost to get started with Option A is $200 on the front end and a 25% success fee (which includes the cost of credit repair) on the backend to be paid out of your funding. Also, if you would like to save some money on the success fee you can pay for your credit repair upfront which typically ranges from $1500-$2500 and the success fee will drop to 15% paid from your funding. To get started with this program please contact us at 949-326-7977 Option B-Pay As You Go Option B is for those clients who are in need of extensive repair and/or have some public record removals and other serious delinquent accounts. The major distinctions of these files from the “Pay on the Backend” files are the fact that after the credit restoration is complete there will be no positive tradelines reporting (specifically no primary tradelines). What this means is that all (or most) of your accounts had to be removed and you wont be left with any tradelines that will allow the lenders to make a determination to provide you funding because of the lack of credit history. These files usually take longer to complete and requires more work on our behalf, which is why we require these files to be set up as “Pay as you go.” There is a $199 file set-up to get started and a monthly recurring fee of $99 per month until your file is complete, which can average 2-6 months. Once your file is complete, you will have the option to purchase tradelines in order to boost your credit profile which will allow up to “stair-step” you into multiple funding rounds increasing the funding amounts with each round. This process may take a bit longer but in the end you will walk away with a more solid credit foundation than you had previously and will have a far superior credit profile than ever before. We can eventually get your profile built out enough to get you qualified for business funding if you so desire. I know…you are probably asking yourself, “How can they do it for so cheap?” We strive to set ourselves apart from our competitors, in fact, we consider ourselves not to have any competitors. We know that more than likely we are not the first place you have inquired about funding, and hopefully we will be the last. To get started with this program please contact us at 949-326-7977 4 Corporate Business Strategies / 4340 Von Karman Ave.Ste 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660 / 949-326-7977

Option C-V.I.P Express Program This program is for those who are ready to act and what the dedicated attention of an attorney to handle their file. This program takes about 60 days to complete and is overseen by one of our credit restoration attorneys, who will make sure all negative items are removed so we can take you to funding for both personal and/or business. The two requirements for this program is that you pay $1500 upfront and that you agree to go for personal funding once we complete your file of which you can pay the remaining credit restoration fee balance and our funding success fee of 15%. To get started with this program please contact us at 949-326-7977 Note: Our credit repair services are outsourced to a 3 rd party that we have a working relationship with and which you will be contracted and billed for separately from our services. Credit restoration is not an exact science, there is no way our vendors can guarantee that all negative items will be deleted permanently nor can we guarantee if your score will raise up to 680 or higher. Furthermore the estimated time of completion is an average and your file may take longer or shorter amount of time to complete. How To Increase Your Funding Amount Even though these programs on stated income only, there are a few ways we can increase the funding amount you receive and each case will have to be evaluated individually to see if you qualify for additional funds. Some of the ways include but are not limited to: Able to show proof of income (tax returns, pay stubs) Show Business income (bank statements, tax returns) Business has credit history (D&B profile or other credit reporting history) Being able to provide any or all of the above items may increase your funding amount by $50,000- $100,000 5 Corporate Business Strategies / 4340 Von Karman Ave.Ste 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660 / 949-326-7977

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