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Additional Programs We do have additional programs available that can either be directly applied for independently or “stairstepped” into. A brief outline of each is as follows: Vehicle Lease Program: Our vehicle lease program is a way for businesses to lease a vehicle or equipment for use for their business WITHOUT the need of a personal guarantor. The key is to have an established leasing credit history with PayNet of which we can provide for you. The following breakdown shows the price for each package and the amount of leasing history that will be attached, which should allow you to go out and lease a vehicle (or piece of equipment) for roughly the same value. o For $2000 we will attach a $35k-$45K No PG lease to PayNet o For $3000 we will attach a $75k-$100K No PG lease to PayNet o For $4000 we will attach a $150K No PG lease to PayNet Equipment Lease Program: Our equipment lease program takes about 60 days to complete and allows the business owner to apply for funding up to $300,000 in term loans to be paid back in 3-5 years. This program can be somewhat expensive for borrows especially if they have to purchase a shelf corp and add business tradelines. In addition to that potential upfront fee there is also a success fee to be paid on the backend out of your funding. This funding program usually works best for real estate investors or entrepreneurs who have the ability to refinance with a permanent loan or have the capabilities of a high return on their investment. Requirements needed to qualify for this program are: o 660+ FICO (we can fix if needed) • No derogs in last 3 years (we can fix if needed) • NO BK or foreclosure (we can fix if needed) • Credit utilization below 50% (we can fix if needed) o 3+ year old corp • Business Tradelines (we can provide if need be) • Website that matches business start date (we can provide if need be) o 3 months business or personal bank statements o Driver’s license, SS card, and Articles of Organization 6 Corporate Business Strategies / 4340 Von Karman Ave.Ste 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660 / 949-326-7977

Who We Are Now that you have learned about our programs the next questions that usually come to mind is, “Who are you, and how are you able to offer what no else in the industry can?” Our team is made up of various professionals from the real estate, mortgage, lending and credit repair industries. The founding partners are both licensed Real Estate agents in the state of California specializing in multi-family investment properties. The conception of Corporate Business Strategies came from the repeated request of their clients to find them more money for their professions and real estate investments. After years of searching and testing multiple vendors, lenders, programs and the like we accumulated what we believe to be the cream of the crop. Our credit restoration team have a background in underwriting loans, making them an expert in restoring your credit and preparing your file for submission for funding, knowing exactly what the underwriters are looking for. Behind them is a team of attorneys skilled in the area of credit law, therefore drawing up legal documents for each of your creditors requesting proof that they are abiding with by the law when reporting negative items on your credit report. The last piece of the puzzle is our direct relationship we have with several lenders across the US. It’s that personal touch we have with the underwriters that allow us to know what they are looking for, prepare the files for approval and obtain the highest funding amounts for our clients. Please contact us at 949-326-7977 to learn how the process works. How to Make These Programs Work for You. The above terminology and concepts may be new to most people and with that comes the question of how will these programs work for me or my situation? Everyone’s needs, goals, and current financial circumstances are different. The following are some examples of past clients scenarios to help you better understand what can be accomplished with our Funding Programs. Note: All names have been changed and funding amounts are for illustration purposes only and not to be used as exact measurements to compare for your situation. Scenario 1: Robert, Sam, and Henry are real estate investors who wanted to be able to buy houses all cash and have the rehab money available to turn houses quickly and make themselves more competitive in their market. They decided to each go for Option “A” program to qualify for funding up to $150,000, which netted them about $300,000 total. Then they took some of their funding and invested into a 3 year old shelf corp and purchased some business tradelines so they could apply for the Equipment Lease Program for an additional $300,000 of which they netted $225,000 giving them a grand total of $525,000, increasing their ability to be more competitive in the marketplace and shelter their assets while protecting themselves from liabilities. 7 Corporate Business Strategies / 4340 Von Karman Ave.Ste 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660 / 949-326-7977

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