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If they continue to make

If they continue to make their loan payments on time, they can come back for additional rounds of funding in about 90-120 days. That would allow them to potentially receive an additional $300,000. In the end all three partners received 700+ FICO scores, over $500,000 in funding and the creditworthiness to gain access to more capital if needed down the road to expand their business. To learn more about this program or others we have call 949-326-7977 Scenario 2: Sebastian had a great startup idea but was stuck grinding out his 9-5 job that kept him from really pursuing his dream full-time. He calculated that if he trimmed his living expenses he would have enough to live on and to grow his idea for 2 years with $150,000 in funding. He has since quit his job and has become a full-time entrepreneur fulfilling his dreams. Scenario 3: Daniel was concerned about the uncertainty of the economy after losing a considerable amount in his 401k in the 2008 crash. He knew he had to do something to protect him and his family. He also knew he wasn't the only one who took a hit during that time as many of his close friends and family members were decimated by the crash too. After extensive research into alternative investments both in the US and abroad over the last 9 years, Daniel and a few close friends educated themselves and created what they feel to be a “crash proof” investment plan. However, they lacked the necessary capital to implement it to its maximum effectiveness. After learning about our funding programs, Daniel rounded up his friends and family and presented them with his investment strategy and its ability to maximize their return on investment if they pooled their money together. But where would they each get enough money to invest into the plan? That’s where we came into play; each family membered purchased our Option “C” funding program to help restore their credit and receive $150,000 in funding. Of which each member averaged about $100,000 in funding; which they then pooled their money together under Daniel’s guidance and recommendation and are now sleeping peacefully knowing regardless of what happens their family is secure. As you can see the utilization of these programs are endless and you are truly only limited by your imagination. We originally created these to help fund our own investment goals and dreams and have built up great financial security using them. Now we want to give you the same opportunity to make your dreams a reality. What dreams or desires have you been shelving due to lack of money or resources? Remember the crash of 2008? Were you protected? Did you thrive or dive? I lost it all...I had to close my company, move back in with family, and start all over. It has taken me these last 10 years to build myself back up and I can say with confidence that regardless of what economic downturns are to come, my family and I are insulated and we sleep peacefully knowing it. 8 Corporate Business Strategies / 4340 Von Karman Ave.Ste 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660 / 949-326-7977

Have you taken any steps to protect yourself from another financial meltdown, like that of 2008? If not, what is stopping you? Let me guess...the lack of resources and/or capital? As the old saying goes…”don’t put off till tomorrow, what needs to be done today.” There is no better time to prepare for the future, than right now. The economy is thriving people are buying new homes, brand new cars, traveling and filling their lives with other luxuries. Why aren’t you? The time is now; this is the opportunity you have been praying for; the writing's on the wall and it says, “You are the master of your own reality.” So don't hesitate any longer. Secure your future by increasing your credit worthiness and working capital. 9 Corporate Business Strategies / 4340 Von Karman Ave.Ste 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660 / 949-326-7977

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