9 months ago

For the Joy of Light

Documenting Robert Singleton's work with the highest quality color images. Paintings from 1964 - 1973 “The Florida Years” to “Screamer Mountain” 1973 -1978 to the remote mountains of West Virginia. This elegantly designed eighty page book details the metamorphic change which took place in Robert’s work. ~~~ Celebrating Robert's 80th year and over five decades of his creativity.

(*5)"2001:ASpaceOdyssey," (*6)Organicistheoppositeofgeometricand,folowingthatlogic, emotionistheoppositeofintelect. (*7)Theultimate statementofthe intelectandofthe emotions,alwaysby puttingthetwoin juxtapositionwitheach other. Clouds ...Themagic thatwas added to my workviathecloudswas, andis,theplayoflight on the clouds and atmosphere.(*8)