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Project Ozona Economic & Technical Review[8167]

Fénix Proposed Deal

Fénix Proposed Deal Structure 30

Fénix Proposed Deal Structure Indicative Deal Structure ■ Limited Partners: Fénix Petroleum Group, LLC will form the first limited partnership fund, FPG I, LP, targeting $50,000,000 of equity capital to acquire and develop assets in the Fénix Petroleum Group’s pipeline of potential acquisition candidates ▬ Limited Partners participating in any Fénix Oil & Gas GP investment vehicle will be entitled to their respective share of the following: • All income derived from their 80% working interest ownership in assets less their obligations to the Fénix Petroleum Group’s 20% carried working interest • Investors will be entitled to intangible drilling cost (“IDC”) deductions that will dramatically shield income from taxes ▬ IDC’s represent ~75% of the total cost to drill and complete each well and can be deducted in the year incurred or over a 60 month period 31

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