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Das Schwarze Brett - Issue 5

Das Schwarze Brett is a German Canadian Magazine for German-speakers on the west coast of Canada and the US. It shares what is going on in the Austrian, German & Swiss communities of new, first, second and third generation Germans.

20 Letter from SOS

20 Letter from SOS Kinderdorf Dear Friend, Imagine a world where we’re all in tune with one another, where we can all connect with one another through the power of music, and where everyone has the chance to develop their unique voice. That’s my dream. It’s why I have taken on the identity of Harmony, a superhero with SOS Children’s Village BC, and it’s why I carry a superpowered tuning fork. I want us all to “tune in” to the challenges that vulnerable children and youth face, and to work together to help them overcome those challenges and accomplish their dreams. To do that, I’ll need your help! Classified Information The Sounds of Learning music program gives foster children at the SOS Children’s Village, and other at-risk children and youth in the community, the opportunity to discover their abilities and to share the joy of making music with others. For these kids, who are isolated and marginalized, who struggle in school and have trouble making friends, who battle against learning disabilities, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and histories of trauma and neglect, music can open new worlds. Doesn’t everyone deserve the chance to experience the magic of music? You can make that magic possible. Your donation to the Sounds of Learning music program will help a child in your community to overcome effects of neglect, abuse, and abandonment. It will introduce By Giving to SOS BC You Will Receive: • a tax receipt for gifts of $20 or more • special invitations to annual community events • a quarterly newsletter with updates on how your gift is helping a child to a world of sound and rhythm, a world where they can express themselves without fear, and with joy. The confidence and increased self-esteem that children develop through early experiences with music can support them through their whole lives. By bringing music to a child, you can be part of building a better future for them, and for your whole community. As Harmony, it’s my mission to bring Sounds of Learning to vulnerable foster kids. With so many challenges in their lives, it’s easy to see why many of these kids end up on the streets. Yet give them a chance to discover a positive form of self-expression through music, and to experience the magic and freedom of musical expression, and the future for these children can look very different. Undercover Superhero Music can give a child who has never felt safe a way to express themselves without fear of being judged or punished. Creating music can give a child who has never known success a reason to feel proud of themselves. It can give a child hope. It can teach a child to dream. The Sounds of Learning music program at SOS Children’s Village BC is simple, but incredibly powerful. It changes lives. So can you -- by donating today to bring music into a child’s world. Your donation will help your community, by giving marginalized and neglected children hope for themselves and their future. Through your generous gift, you can put a child or youth on the path to developing a successful, independent life. Please donate now and help the team of undercover superheroes at SOS BC to bring music and hope into the lives of vulnerable children through the Sounds of Learning program. Sincerely, Heidi Trautmann SOS Children’s Villages is the largest privately funded child development organization in the world for orphaned/ abandoned children, operating over 572 villages in 134 countries. SOS BC is the only Village in Canada. We provide homes, a supportive community, and programs to help foster children and youth in need grow into caring, self-reliant adults. We are financially autonomous from SOS Children’s Villages Canada and receive only 6% of our funding from the provincial government and no federal funding. ©Westcoast German News publishes Das Schwarze Brett 6 times a year

©Westcoast German News publishes Das Schwarze Brett 6 times a year 21