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Das Schwarze Brett - Issue 5

Das Schwarze Brett is a German Canadian Magazine for German-speakers on the west coast of Canada and the US. It shares what is going on in the Austrian, German & Swiss communities of new, first, second and third generation Germans.

22 Rare Property for

22 Rare Property for Horse Lovers A beautiful sanctuary, pristine and private, located just about 90 minutes outside of Los Angeles. Immediately adjacent is the Las Padres National Forest, which offers another 100,000 acres to explore. This idyllic retreat allows you to enjoy the very best of an authentic, rustic ranch living. The Property also features a 5,900 sq. ft. home that is timber-beamed and has six bedrooms and four bathrooms, three of which have jacuzzis. The house displays clean architectural lines, with natural wood and stone. The architecture is also complement by the massive granite-laced mountains and is hidden by a grove of pine trees. Close to the main residence, are several comfortable staff accommodations with bathroom & laundry facilities. There is an abundance of storage and oversized garages with over 2,000 sq. ft. storage space to fit oversized vehicles, full sized trucks and equipment. There is also an eqestrian centre with 4 stables and custom-built heated tack rooms. Exceptional infrascture is in place with all utilities - electricity, phone lines, television, propane - planned with foresight and adaptability to accommodate technological changes in the future. There are water rights that accompany the ranch with a multitude of natural springs and seasonal spring-fed creeks that help the equisite gardens and the inviting outdoor spaces to look their best. With the 6,000 feet elevation this secluded retreat brings snow with Winter White Christmas and opportunities for cross country skiing and other fun winter activities. It would also be possible to build a private landing strip, if needed. $19,950,000 US Located only about 2 hours and 27 minutes from the Pacific Ocean - on the west coast... Call Elke at 604 828 8788 to learn more. VIP Retreat - 240 acres for sale! ©Westcoast German News publishes Das Schwarze Brett 6 times a year

23 Jervis Inlet Development Randall Currie is the owner of the 136 acre Dark Cove site on Jervis inlet. He also plans to build a “Welcome Centre” at the Moccasin Cove staging site, just across the water. Currie’s Vision is to take this waterfront property that is still basically untouched wilderness on the far side of the Jervis Inlet to build infrastructure and site services with the help of one or more partners. Facilities include a hotel with 30 hotel suites, 10 spa suites, 40 villas, a 17,000 sq. ft. spa with a diagnostic and wellness centre and a 60-berth floating marina with restaurant, boat moorage & float plane dock,. The Moccasin Cove Valley Welcome Centre would in include a service building, logistics infrastructure, parking, staging facilities and a boat launch for the boat that would take clients across the inlet to their hotel suite or private villa. It is in Egmont next to the BC Ferry Terminal. The hotel and villas will be built by Dakota Ridge and other contractors out of timber framed design. The design will encompass glass on 4 sides, as much as possible to show the rock, moss, ferns s and the ocean & mountain islands out front. This project is being marketed internationally by Sothebys, who believes that the sales price of real estate in the inlet is approx. $1,000 per sq. ft., in line with international buyers. The 136 acre site sits at the southern tip of the opening of Jervis Inlet, one of British Columbia’s deepest and most famed water passages leading to Princess Louisa Inlet to the north. Primarily oriented eastwards towards the Coast mountain range, the site rises almost 250 meters from sea to forest, containing a combination of second growth forest, ravines, springs, waterfalls and newer growth alders and cedars in areas that have been more recently logged. Access to the site will occur via a short seaplane ride from Vancouver, Nanaimo, Comox, or Whistler or by water taxi from Mocassin Valley to the south. Boating, kayaking, fishing, diving, cross country skiing, snow snowmobiling, as well as dining will all emphasize the connection to water and the life it contains. If you or someone you know is interested in this project, please contact Elke Porter with “Westcoat Deluxe Developments” (on Facebook) 604 828 8788 or send your feedback or questions to Left to Right: Spa, Spa Suites, Waterfront Hotel Suites, Summer Pool with the hotel living & dining rooms at the bottom - from the Rainforest Ravine Section. The full-service marina would be for hotel guests, villa owners, spa clients & tourists who rent/own yachts. ©Westcoast German News publishes Das Schwarze Brett 6 times a year