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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How does itwork? QUICKPATCH is a self-adhesive, fiberglassrepairpatch. It has a patented adhesivethatallows it to stick to virtually all hard surfaces. It uses UV exposure to bondthe patch tothe surface itself, creating a superstrong, long-lasting repair How is it applied? 1. Clean the surface fromdust anddirt where QUICKPATCHwill be applied. 2. Open the re-sealable foil pouch andtake out thepatch 3. Cut the patch to size and immediately return the unused portionintothe foil pouch andreseal for future use 4. Remove the white paperbacking andapply to surface. Ensure even contactis achieved by pressing alongthe edgesandmiddle 5. Remove thinouter film 6. Expose to UVlight (direct sun works best; forindooruse a UVtorchlightis used). 7. When the patch is solid, it can be sanded&painted Will any light sourcework? No. QUICKPATCH is activated withUVrays. The best and fastestsourceof UVis the sun. The brighterthe sunand UV,the fasterthe bondtime. 5 minutes on sunny days, andup to 30 minutes on a cloudyday. Indoorrepairs will require a UV torchlight that is also available Do I need to mix anything? No. There is no requirement to mix any product. STRONG, It is as FLEXIBLE, easy to use asDURABLE a sticker.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Do I need to wear gloves? No – unless you havesensitive skin, then gloves are simply a pre-caution. Do I need to use the whole patch at once? No – unlike other products, simply cut the amount of patch required for the repair. Replace the unused portion back into the foil pouch to use later. Don’t aloe the the unused portion to be in the sun or it will begin to harden. Can QUICKPATCH-UV be sanded & painted? Yes Can QUICKPATCH-UV be drilled & tapped? Yes Is QUICKPATCH-UV waterproof? Yes, once cured. Is QUICKPATCH-UV heat proof? QUICKPATCH-UV has a heat rating of 200C, but will have no troubles up to 900F. QUICKPATCH-UV is a self-extinguishing product, if were to ever get hot enough. Is QUICKPATCH-UV cold proof? Yes. Below – 40C. What pressure rating does QUICKPATCH-UV have? An incredible 2200psi – it’s not coming off How do I cut QUICKPATHCH-UV? Cut to size and shape with a utility knife or STRONG, scissors. FLEXIBLE, DURABLE

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