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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Is QUICKPATCH-UV safe indoors? Yes. Proper ventilation is required for installation. Where is QUICKPATCH-UV made? Made in USA Can QUICKPATCH-UV work on fabric or inflatables? No. QUICKPATCH-FLEX is the perfect product for fabric and inflatables as it stays flexible. Is QUICKPATCH-UV safe on potable water? Yes. Is QUICKPATCH-UV a wrap? QUICKPATCH-UV can definitely be used as a wrap, but because it adheres to the surface, there is no requirement for multiple wrapping. Is QUICKPATCH-UV a tape? No. Unlike tape, QUICKPATCH-UV will not dry out and become brittle over time and coming off. Does QUICKPATCH-UV come in different sizes? Tes. QUICKPATCH-UV is available in three sizes: 3” x 6”, 6” x 9” and 9” x 12” STRONG, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE


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