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QUICKPATCH-FLEX IS ALL WEATHER-PROOF QUICKPATCH-FLEX is rubberized and therefore water and weather proof, making it perfect for all types of outdoor repairs on the road, at the cabin or on the farm. QUICKPATCH-FLEX IS GREAT FOR AGRO QUICKPATCH-FLEX is great for all kinds of repairs in the field. A must for every toolbox to minimize downtime. Great for pest and rodent control instead of harmful sprays

QUICKPATCH-FLEX AT HOME • Eaves trough • Downspouts • Drains • Irrigation (non-pressure) • Inflatables (air mattresses) • Roofing • Bottom of chairs & furniture • Holes • Vents (HVAC) • Cracks in basement concrete • Pools • Pond lining • Drains • Bottom of appliances • Fabric repairs • Vinyl & plastic repairs • Outdoor rink liner repairs QUICKPATCH-FLEX ON THE ROAD • Vinyl dashboards • Radiator hoses • Non-pressurized hoses • Plastic interior • Bumpers • Fenders • Mud Flaps • ATV • Motorcycles • Snowmobiles • Vinyl seat repairs • Emergency repairs

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