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WHAT IS QUICKPATCH-EXTREME? QUICKPATCH-EXTREME is a fiberglass reinforced patch that when UV activated, creates a permanent surface bond in as little as 5 minutes. It uses our patent pending MyGlue as it’s powerful adhesive allowing QUICKPATCH- EXTREME to be applied underwater or on wet surfaces. As easy as a sticker to apply, it is perfect for making watertight, long-lasting repairs on any hard smooth surface. Can be drilled and tapped after curing Bonds to all surfaces except polypropylene

QUICKPATCH-EXTREME APPLIES UNDERWATER • Cut to desired size, and return unused portion back to foil pouch for later use. • No mixing, no mess • Can bond to itself to make any desired size of patch • Heat resistant to over 200C • Cold resistant to below-40C • Uses the UV light from the sun to cure rock hard or can use a UV torch light • Perfect for every application, but especially plumbing and irrigation where the pipe is wet. • Marine applications • Amazing 3000 psi! • MyGlue is so strong it can bond different materials together! • More versatile than JB Weld

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