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WHAT IS QUICKPATCH-UV QUICKPATCH-UV is a fiberglass reinforced patch that when UV activated, creates a permanent surface bond in as little as 5 minutes. Apply to a clean dry surface and cure with the sun or UV light. 2200 psi rating with a heat rating of over 200C! Perfect for every application including cars, trucks, RV’s, ATV’s, snowmobiles, irrigation, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, marine, kayaks, grain elevators, pools & spas and so much more! HOW IS IT APPLIED? EASYTO APPLY 1. Cleansurface 2. Cut tosize 3. Peel and stick • Can be drilled or tapped • Can be sanded and painted • Self-adhering allowing for layers of strength • UV cures ‘tougher than tough’ ECONOMICAL Reseal the unusedportion backin the foil pouch! Reducesthe cost perrepair No mixing, no weighing, no mess! SCAN OR CLICK FOR STRONG, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE VIDEO

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