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WHAT DOES QUICKPATCH-UV WORK ON? QUICKPATCH-UV works on ALL smooth hard surfaces except polypropylene (PP). That includes: plastic, fiberglass, metal, aluminum, wood, glass, PVC, ABS, copper, etc • Fits angles, crevices & tightcorners • Bonds jointsand curved surfaces • Apply flator layer on top of each other to create a custom sized patch of any shape. • Fiberglass reinforced with polyester / plastic • No shrinkage or expansion during the application or after curing • Rated up to 2200 PSI (internal pressure)! • Heat resistant to over 200C • Cold resistant to below -40C • All weather proof • Waterproof STRONG, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE

THOUSANDS OF USES - AUTOMOTIVE • Mufflers – repairrust & corrosion • Fuel Tanks – repairrust & corrosion Fenders • Bumpers • Radiators – withoutremoving Truck box bodies • Truck boxliners Moldings • Strengthen rustedareas Hoserepairs • ExhaustPipes • Whereveryou don’t wantmoisture • Off road scratches & holes • Holes in floor of older cars • Bonds torust • Non flexing hoses • Air intake and other plastic • Inside door panel cracks • Crackeddashboards • Kick panels that are corroded • More… STRONG, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE

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