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CHARACTERISTICS Hardens under UV light No mixing ormess Long shelf life – packaged in UV protected foil Sand and paint afterhardening Hardens in 5 – 15 minutes on a sunny day Hardens in 15 – 30 minutes on a partly cloudyday Hardens in 30 – 90 minutes on a cloudyday Hardens in 5 – 30 minutes using UV flashlight Resistant to most chemicals, solvents and oils Non-flammable Non-toxic – adhesive is not harmful to skin STRONG, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE

TECHNICAL Appearance:Sheetlaminate Mix Ratio: One component / no mixing Flash Point: 450C or840F Material Thickness: 1.7mm - 1.9mm Curing Mechanism: Ultraviolet (UV); Naturalor UV lamp Flexural Strength: >124 MPa (18,000 PSI) (ASTM D790-03) Flexural Modulus: >6,060 MPa (879, 060 PSI) (ASTM D2344) Tensile Strength: 54.95 MPa (7,970 PSI) (BS 2782-1994) ElongationAt Break: >3% (BS 2782-1994) Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 2.9C, 10 5 K (BS2782-1995) Impact Resistance: >60Kj/sqm(BS2782-1996) Hardness: 60 Barcol (BS2782-1997) Compression Strength: >200 MPa (29,999 PSI) BS2728-1998) Adhesion: >3.44 MPa (500 PSI) (BS2782-1998) Fire Rating: Class A (ASTM E 84) Temperature Rating: -40C to200C Electrical Properties: Dielectric strength: 9KV/mm as per IEC 243 Arc Resistance: >180 secondsas perASTM D 495 Tracking Resistance: >600 volts as per IEC 11215,432 lbs/sq. ft STRONG, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE Insulation Resistance: 10¹³ ohms as per IEC 93 Water Vapour Permeability: 0.28g/m²/24h/mmHg (ASTM E 96)

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