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Kitts and Nevis,

Kitts and Nevis, Dominica and United States of America. They also import food and manufactured goods from their main import partners such as Trinidad and Tobago, the United States of America and United Kingdom. Food Special dishes reflect the cultural diversity of Grenada. The national dish, Oil Down is a combination of breadfruit, coconut milk, turmeric (misnamed saffron), dumplings, callaloo (taro leaves), and salted meat such as saltfish (cod), smoked herring or salt beef.

IMMATERIAL ASPECTS Carnival and Festival Carriacou Carnival 1968 Carriacou Carnival 2017 Carriacou Carnival Carriacou Carnival encompasses wild and wonderfully expressive street dances, soca, fancy mas bands, calypso, the Jab Jab and even the authentic Shakespeare Mas. This mas involves the recitation of Shakespeare verses, making it a unique highlight and feature of Carriacou’s Carnival that you cannot witness anywhere else in the world. Men dressed in bright colours engage in a battle of words hoping not to fumble on their lines otherwise surrendering to a stroke of his opponent’s stick. Grenada Drum Festival The idea for the Grenada Drum Festival was born when Livingston Krumah Nelson, the Director of the Tivoli Drummers visited Guadeloupe in 2000 and witnessed the festival of the drums referred to as Gwoka. The Drum Festival Committee was formed in January 2001, and the first Drum Festival was held. The festival site is usually transformed into a cultural village featuring traditional drumming and dancing.