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This festival begun in

This festival begun in 1991 to encourage children in one parish’s schools to dance, this festival has grown into a national affair. The festival lasts a week and is held twice a year. Most dance features the music of drums music and tradition adopted from the African culture. Religion Religious Beliefs - Grenada is predominantly Roman Catholic (53 percent), with Protestants accounting for 33 percent of the population. Among Christians, a substantial number believe to some extent obeah, or white magic. Newspapers occasionally report a spirit who has been raised and is haunting some section of the island. Religious Practitioners - Priests and clergy, as well as obeah agents, are respected for their higher calling or ability to cast a spell. Rituals and Holy Places - Churches are formidable institutions where the majority of religious ceremonies take place.

Death and the Afterlife - A funeral is a social occasion to honour the deceased with a banquet of food and drink. The Day of the Dead is celebrated by the family and friends of the departed. Food, drink, and music may be brought to the graveyard and enjoyed amid the glow of candles throughout the night.