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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

1-2 Chapter 1: Overview

1-2 Chapter 1: Overview Benefits of the RPSW The Retail Platform Software for Windows (RPSW) installer provides the following benefits: Single installer distribution for all Retail Platform software. Auto–detection of terminal type (if it is running on an NCR Gold Drive or OS Recovery Image). Ability to select complete or custom installation of platform software. Complete installation installs NCR Base Platform, NCR OPOS, NCR JavaPOS, and RSM Local Edition (LE) software. The installation requires minimal customer input, and only one reboot to install all components. RSM LE is installed to provide access to the OPOS Configuration and diagnostics locally. There is no need to know the order of installing platform software. The RPSW installation ensures that all required components are installed and configured properly. Custom installation provides the ability to pick and choose components based on a customer configuration. The RPSW installation ensures that all the software required in support of a selected component is installed and configured properly. Custom installation selections include: NCR Base Platform Support NCR OPOS NCR JavaPOS NCR Retail Systems Manager LE NCR Predictive Services NCR FitClient (Available only for RPSW versions below 4.0) Ability to upgrade existing installations. Distribution of both .exe and .msi files to permit partners or branded applications to bundle platform software installation into their own Windows Installer applications. The Retail Platform Software for Windows.msi distribution can also be uploaded to the RSM SE servers for installation on remote terminals. The components of the installation package features and definitions for the installation options are described in the following sections. The step–by–step installation procedure is described in the “RPSW Installation” chapter.

Chapter 1: Overview 1-3 Configurations and Dependencies of RPSW This section describes the dependencies of installing the Retail Platform Software for Windows (RPSW) and the configurations you might need to perform. Operating Systems Supported The RPSW installer provides you the functionality to install NCR OPOS, NCR JavaPOS, and NCR RSM Local Edition (LE) on NCR terminals that run on the following Windows operating systems: Windows 7 (32–bit, full support) [RPSW 4.0+] Windows POSReady 7 [RPSW] Windows POSReady 2009 Windows WePOS 1.1 Windows XPe (SP3) Windows XP Professional (SP3) Windows 2000 Professional Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (SP6 & SP6a) [RPSW 3.0.3.x and below] Previous LPIN The LPIN of the previous RPSW release versions are listed as follows: RPSW Release Version RPSW 2.3 to 2.4 RPSW 2.5 to 3.1 LPIN D370–0548–0100 D370–0782–0100

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