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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

3-66 Chapter 3:

3-66 Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE Creating a New Profile To create a new profile, follow these steps: 1. Under the Peripherals section, select a Device. In this example we are adding a new printer, so the POS Printer Device is selected. 2. Select Create. The system displays the Create New OPOS Profile window. 3. Enter the following parameters: Profile Name—refers to the name of the profile. If your application will use this profile, you must match the profile name to the name that your application uses for this device. Service Object—refers to the Programmatic ID of the device. The Programmatic ID is different depending on whether you are using OPOS 2.x, JavaPOS 2.x, OPOS 3.x, or JavaPOS 3.x. The OPOS 3.x Service Objects always have the format “NCROposSO.xxxxxxx”. It is preferable to use the OPOS 3.x objects because of future enhancements that are being planned. Model—refers to the profile parameter value. This option displays only when you choose a 3.x profile. The Model parameter is available for 2.x profiles after the profile is created. 4. Select Create to continue creating the profile.

Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE 3-67 Changing a Profile To change a profile, follow these steps: 1. Select Profile Name. The system displays the Profile Name window. 2. Select one of the available profiles from the drop–down list, and then select OK. The system displays the configuration of the selected profile. You can change any parameter that is not grayed out by selecting that parameter and making the changes. Fields in bold font are changes that have not been saved. 3. After making the changes, select Save.

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