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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

2-4 Chapter 2: RPSW

2-4 Chapter 2: RPSW Installation To install RPSW 4.0 as Administrator, you can perform either of the following: Right–click on the .exe version of the install package (Retail Platform Software for Windows.exe) and select Run as administrator. Or Launch a DOS command prompt with administrative privileges and run the MSIEXEC executable on the .msi version of the install package. 2. After launching the installer, the system displays this window: The RPSW tries to detect the current configuration. Ensure that the following configurations are correct: Class Workstation Model—defines the type of system where you are installing the RPSW. Service Type—can be any of the following: Assisted—includes terminals 7403, 7443, 7446, 7449, 7452, 7453, 7454, 7456, 7457, 7458, 7459, 7460, 7600, 7601, 7610, 7611, 7643, 7649, 7606, and 7616. Self–Service—includes terminals 7350, 7401, 7402, 7404, and 7409. The only difference between these two terminal service types is the set of Printer Finite State Machine definition files (used by State of Health) that are installed by default. These files minimize the State of Health changes on an assisted terminal because an operator is present to fix the problem. For example, a paper low status is generated on a Self–Service system indicating the printer on the unattended system needs attention. This type of alert is not necessary, or even undesirable, for systems where a cashier is present to handle the condition. 3. Select Confirm.

Chapter 2: RPSW Installation 2-5 4. The system displays the Welcome window. Select Next. 5. If you have a previous version of OPOS or Logs and Tallies that are currently installed, the system displays a window with options for dealing with the existing installation. Select Next. 6. The system displays the License Agreement window. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then select Next.

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