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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

2-8 Chapter 2: RPSW

2-8 Chapter 2: RPSW Installation 11. The system displays the Retail Systems Manager Options window. Select the RSM installation type: Managed by RSM Server—refers to the option where you can optionally identify the RSM SE server’s name or IP address so that the system communicates with a specific server. In a Dual Server environment, the name or IP address for both RSM SE servers would be entered. If you do not specify a server, the system automatically finds one on the network. If you do not know your Server Name or IP Address, see your system administrator. Local Only—refers to the option where no RSM SE server is present. If you plan to use SNMP in this configuration, select the option Enable event monitoring for RSM SNMP support. If the checkbox for event monitoring is selected, the NCRFSM module is enabled for processing the event log to generate alerts for State of Health and Critical Events. On unmanaged systems, this functionality is required only if RSM SNMP is used. Selecting this check box sets registry setting [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NCR\NCR Store Minder Client\CurrentVersion\StartFSM] to T to enable NCRFSM, which is the same as it would be set on a managed system. The setting is only available in RPSW and up. If a system is installed as unmanaged and later changed to managed, this setting may need to be configured manually to enable NCRFSM. 12. Select Next.

Chapter 2: RPSW Installation 2-9 13. In a Custom installation, if you selected to install RealVNC, the system displays the RealVNC Server Options window. Enter the Password for accessing this system from a remote location using the RealVNC program, and then select Next. 14. The system displays the Event Log Wrapping window. RPSW software logs events, and RSM uses these events to report device status. If the event log gets full and does not wrap, events discarded by Windows cannot be used for device statuses. Select which Event Logs will wrap when the event log is full, and then select Next.

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