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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

2-16 Chapter 2: RPSW

2-16 Chapter 2: RPSW Installation NCR Wedge Configuration Utility—provides a user friendly interface to configure various devices attached to the keyboard wedge. Miscellaneous Development Tools Form Designer—provides the functionality to design forms in conjunction with the Form Control. Include Files—includes files for application development. Event Logging Message Files—event log message .dll files. These files provide additional details in the event logs. Help Files—OPOS Windows Help File version 2.5. This file is not being updated as new features become available. Note: The NCR Retail Controls 3.x UPOS User’s Guide for Windows (B005–0000–1619) and the UPOS committee documents are being used for OPOS 3.8. OPOS 2.8 Controls The following list displays the NCR OPOS service objects that you can include in the installation: NCR 5932—NCR 5932 USB Keylock/MSR/Tone Indicator service object for the 7456 and 7458 terminals. NCR 5992—NCR 5992 Form/Line Display/MSR/Pin Pad/Signature service object. NCR 7448 Keylock—controls the keylock on the NCR 7448 or a USB keylock. NCR Cash Drawer—controls the Cash Bases DRUR01, MPU, and the Tellermate SmarTill cash drawers through serial connection and the 7401, 7448, 7453, 7454, 7455, 7456, 7458, and 7460 Cash Drawer using the I/O port connection. This service object supports drawers that are connected to the workstation. NCR CashDrawer/MICR/POSP—supports drawers that are connected to the printer kick–out port. NCR Hard Totals—store totals information on Disk or in CMOS (for a retail workstation). NCR Integrated MSR NCR International Line Display—controls the International version of the 5972 Line Display. NCR Line Display—line display service object for non–International VFD models. NCR Motion Sensor—detects motion on the NCR 7401, 7403, 7404, 7454, and 7455. NCR Scanner/Scale Wedge Devices

Chapter 2: RPSW Installation 2-17 The following table displays the support for OPOS 2.8 Controls: UnifiedPOS Control Devices Supported Cash Drawer (On Printer) NCR 7167, NCR 7168, NCR 7197, NCR 7198 Cash Drawer (Integrated) NCR 7446–1xxx, NCR 7446–3xxx, NCR Darlington, NCR RP20 7443, NCR RP21 7443, NCR 7402 Darlington Keylock NCR 5932, NCR 5953 Line Display NCR 7402, NCR 744x, NCR 7610, NCR 7611, NCR 5972, NCR 5992 MICR Printer NCR 7167, NCR 7168 MSR NCR 5932, NCR 5953‐6xxx, NCR 5932‐2xxx, NCR 7403, NCR 7409, NCR 7404, NCR 7402, NCR RP20‐ 7443, NCR RP21‐7443, NCR 5992 PIN Pad NCR 5992 POS Keyboard NCR 5932 POS Printer NCR 7167, NCR 7168, NCR 7198, NCR F301, NCR F306, NCR F309, NCR K590 Scale NCR 7876 Scanner NCR 7892, NCR 7883, NCR 7884, NCR 7876, HHP3800G (2357), HHP4600G, HHP5600G&3800G (2357), HHP5600G&3800R, HHP5620G&3820R, NCR 7837–1xx, NCR 7837–3xx Signature Capture NCR 5992 Tone Indicator NCR 5932, NCR 5953, NCR 7403, NCR 7409

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