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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

2-24 Chapter 2: RPSW

2-24 Chapter 2: RPSW Installation Retail Systems Manager Local Edition (RSM LE) RSM LE provides local configuration and diagnostic capabilities. If licensed, RSM LE also provides support for managing the system from RSM servers. The RSM LE feature in the RPSW installation provides the option to install RealVNC 3.3.7. This remote control software provides the ability to remotely control a terminal. This feature used to be installed by default, but now you must select it as part of a custom installation. Note: Selecting to install RealVNC in the RPSW installation is not yet supported for systems running on the Windows 7 operating system. Predictive Services Prior to installing the Predictive Services feature, you must first install the following software packages on the terminal: .Net Framework 3.5 or later .Net 2.0 Framework Service Pack 2 3rdParty.msi Visual Studio 2005 C Runtime Libraries Note: The Predictive Services installation options are no longer available in the RPSW 4.0.1.x and later releases. For these releases, installing the Predictive Services software is possible through a separate LPIN (D370–0955–0100).

Chapter 2: RPSW Installation 2-25 The following are the components of the Predictive Services software: Unified Agent Service Problem Determination Collection (PDC) Unified Agent Log Collector Retail Collectors for Unified Agent The UALog Collector component is installed as part of the RPSW installation package. The packages of the other three components, Unified Agent Service, PDC, and Retail Collectors for Unified Agent, are extracted and ready for installation after the RPSW install process. These packages are found in the NCR APTRA directory of the install folder. Example: C:\Program Files\NCR APTRA You must install these three components manually after the RPSW installation in the following order: 1. PDC 2. Unified Agent Service 3. Retail Collectors for Unified Agent Installing the Certificates You must install the following certificates to permit the Unified Agent to communicate with the appropriate servers within the NCR network: NCR_IT_Services_CA.crt ua_css_extranet_prod_v2_192.127.224.16.crt

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