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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

3-2 Chapter 3:

3-2 Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE RSM LE Functionalities When you start RSM LE in EUI (every unit item) mode, the system displays the following window: RSM LE EUI Functionality The options available in RSM LE are based on the licensed features. RSM LE normally gets its license from the RSM SE server that it connects to, though it is possible to add an RSM license file to an unmanaged RSM LE system. RSM LE has EUI functionality when either it has no RSM license or the license has expired. The EUI functionality is typically seen on unmanaged RSM LE systems. Therefore, the “RSM LE EUI Functionality” and “RSM LE with RSM License” sections describe features that are typically found, but your license file may give you different features. If RSM LE does not have an RSM license, the following options are available with EUI functionality: Platform—platform devices for your terminal. Some examples include: Audio BIOS Disks Motherboard Network Power States Serial Ports Touch screen Versioning

Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE 3-3 Peripherals—OPOS/JavaPOS controls selected during installation. Some examples include: Device Assets Cash Drawer Check Scanner Coin Dispenser Hard Totals Key lock Line Display MICR MSR Pin Pad POS Keyboard POS Printer Scale Scanner Signature Capture Tone Indicator Administration RSM Services Customer Number RSM Managed—Enabled or Disabled. Set to Disabled for an unmanaged system. Licensing Current User License File License Expiration Data Capture Configuration—Simple or Advanced Simple Default Setting—No Logging, Error Logging, or Full Logging

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