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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

3-42 Chapter 3:

3-42 Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE Tally Thresholds Tallies are counts of the number of times a certain operation is performed. For example, the number of track 1 reads on the Magnetic Stripe Reader. A tally threshold is the number of tallies recorded for a device when you wish to be notified. There are multiple ways to set tally thresholds, and these include the following: Default tally thresholds are installed with RPSW. The default tally thresholds are based on the default profiles. If the default profiles are not used, the default tally thresholds should be replaced with tally thresholds for the peripheral profiles used. An alternate set of tally thresholds can be installed with RPSW using a command line parameter to specify a .reg file containing tally thresholds. Add a tally threshold for a system or a group using the Tally Threshold menu in the RSM user interface where all the tally thresholds are listed. You can enable a tally threshold from the tallies page by selecting MonitorTallies in the RSM user interface. You can add a tally threshold for a system only (not groups) by using the tally page for a device and selecting the tally. Setting Tally Thresholds in the Tallies Threshold Menu To set tally thresholds in the Tallies Threshold menu, follow these steps: 1. Select AdministrationTally ThresholdsAdd Threshold. The system displays the Add Tally Threshold window. 2. Enter the following information: Source—refers to the device that the tally is defined for. Tally—refers to the description for the tally.

Chapter 3: Understanding the RSM LE 3-43 Threshold—refers to the number of times that the tally can occur before you are notified that the tally limit has been reached. Reset Tally—refers to the reset option, whether to reset tally “When Threshold Occurs” or “Never”. 3. Select Add Threshold. The tally threshold is added. The system then displays it in the Tally Threshold menu. After a tally threshold is set up, you can remove it by selecting the tally threshold, and then selecting the Remove Tally button. In the Tally Thresholds menu, you can go through the device tallies by selecting Next Set or Previous Set. OS Monitoring If licensed, Operating System (OS) Monitoring provides a display of various features that can be measured by the operating system. The OS Monitoring feature tracks and reports information about system performances, disks, SMART disks, files, processes, and services. OS Monitoring is performed periodically. If an error condition is found, an event is logged, and a State of Health (SOH) transition occurs. On subsequent checks, if the same error condition is still present, no error is logged since the previous error condition is remembered. If the error condition is no longer present on subsequent checks, a healthy or informational event is logged and SOH transitions to healthy. Healthy or informational events are logged only after an error condition is resolved; they are not logged when the initial state is healthy. For each type of OS Monitoring (overall system performance, disk, SMART disk, file, process, and services), two configuration settings determine when the monitoring is performed: Start Up Delay and Monitoring Interval.

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