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Retail Platform Software for Windows User's Guide

vi Revision Record Issue

vi Revision Record Issue Date Remarks A Feb 2005 First issue. B Apr 2005 Various updates. C Dec 2006 Updates for RSM Release 2.1.2. D Jun 2007 Added SNMP Configuration. Various updates for RSM Release 2.2. E Jan 2009 Updated for release 3.0. F Sep 2009 Separated into chapters. G Nov 2012 Used the new IP book template. Various updates for RPSW Release 4.0.1 and 4.0.2. Added the brightness settings information in Chapter 3. Added Appendix A about troubleshooting SNMP. Updated the list of operating systems that RPSW supports. Updated the list of service object devices.

1 Chapter 1: Overview Retail Platform Software for Windows (RPSW) provides a single Windows installation program to install the various NCR retail terminal software components. The RPSW installer is released on a single LPIN, D370–0924–0100, eliminating the need of separate media for NCR retail terminal software components. Note: The current LPIN for the RPSW release 4.0 is D370–0924–0100. Refer to the “Previous LPIN” section of this chapter for information on the LPIN of the previous RPSW release versions.

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