11 months ago

An Interview with Mom

How long did it take did

How long did it take did they hurt you at all how many of you were there can you recall To a German farm they tok you that'u what you uaid were you fearfl and anxiouu of what lay ahead Men on the farm were gone they all went t war no one t work the land that'u what you were there for The family you worked for uo long ago were they caring and kind I want t know How many houru a day did you work on the farm what kind of work did you do did it cauue you any harm Did you miuu your mother did you uend leteru t her did you get leteru ack did uhe know where you were

When did you leave there wau it after the war or did they let you go uometime efore How you got t the DP camp you didn't uay you didn't talk much a out it that wau your way When you arrived at the camp were you trem ling and uhaken did you come alone did you feel foruaken Did you meet dad at the camp wau he a reuident there or wau he with the Poliuh army in Germany uomewhere How did you meet him wau it at work or at play wau it love at frut uight or did it take a few dayu Did you go on dateu wau it pouui le t do were there utrict controlu people watching over you

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