4 months ago

An Interview with Mom

When did you get married

When did you get married can you tell me the year what church did you marry in wau it uomewhere near Did you write your mother did you let her know were you a le t uend her a nice wedding phot Did you go on a honeymoon were you a le t get away fom the confneu of the cautle where diuplaced peruonu had t utay What wau the camp like were you happy there what kind of facilitieu did you all uhare Did you have roomu or open ay wau it private or pu lic night and day Wau the work hard they had you do did dad have time t upend with you

Dad'u family wau there a puzzle t me how did they all end up in Germany I wau orn in a houpital uomewhere near y a uickly kid, they thought I would die I contracted polio that'u what you uaid could have een uomething elue that kept me in ed Dad didn't like the houpital treatment I got uhould he keep me in there or uhould he not Decided t uneak me out through a window I'm tld a mout daring move courageouu and old Did theue thingu really happen were they all really true or did I miuinterpret information fom you

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