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Pivot Your Perspective I

Pivot Your Perspective I was five, and I know now that those early years could have happened no other way. In the usual brilliance of hindsight, I realize it was an intensive boot camp providing me with real-time, first-hand experience of how to get comfortable with chaos and uncertainty. I learned to dig deep and better understand who I was, and leverage that understanding as the basis from which to experience the world. I learned to move past the circumstances to gain a perspective of what they had to offer—hidden in these circumstances were many gifts. One gift was a new outlook and fresh perspective on my relationship with change. Fundamentally, change is moving from a current state to a future state, where the middle is transition—seems pretty straightforward. What excites me is looking beneath the current and future “states of being” to see the energy, inertia, and propulsion behind the change. Yes, it is still about the literalness of going from old to new—but now it is also about movement and energy, and how I can make a choice regarding this energy. Am I saying yes or no to the energy of change? Am I aware that this energy aspect is related, but somewhat different, to the literal change itself? The world around us naturally and continuously evolves and changes. How you and I choose to operate within this continuous field of change becomes a critical area to consider and understand. Change means different things to different people. At the polar extremes, there are those who 2

Introduction function well with change and those who do not, and in the middle of the spectrum lie varying degrees of experience with a broad range of trade-offs. For those who desire to neutralize change so that they can experience more consistency, there lies a conundrum. How do you operate in a world of natural, evolving change, when you are most happy —most grounded — in consistency? It becomes rather exhausting. To further complicate matters, how do you find consistency when the change not only includes elements of day-to-day life, but also dips deeply into core belief systems and psychosocial frameworks? The spectrum of changes we face varies. Maybe you want to change your career, or maybe you were just fired and somebody changed it for you. Perhaps you have decided to end a long-term relationship, or perhaps a family member has unexpectedly passed on. What’s fascinating about change is that no matter how severe or slight, the core remains the same. You have made a choice or you have been dealt a card, but either way, you’ll need to find your way through it. We all have perspectives that are as unique as our personalities; therefore, how we each deal with change will be unique as well. Mine is specific and tailored to my life experiences and circumstances. Yours is distinct and perfect for your life experiences and circumstances. At the end of the day, the common factor is the fact that each one of us is constantly in the midst of transformative change—whether severe or slight. Are you equipped to deal with it? As I reflect, I was never “officially” trained or equipped to deal with change, but I know with PAGE 3

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