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Our MFG Newsletter - Issue One 2018

2/11/2018 Our MFG Newsletter - Issue One 2018 My name is Bryce Baumgarten and I am the Freeman House leader. I am a Drama teacher and have a passion for the Arts and food. Before I was a teacher, I was a professional performer mainly doing Musical Theatre and working in Children’s Entertainment. I am also a bit of a Geek! I love computer games, reading fantasy novels and watching anime. As a teacher, I love what I do and I always want to see you grow. I firmly believe that e ort = reward and I will always encourage you to work as hard as you can, so you can gain success. I hope we can all aim high and make MFGSC a vibrant, supportive, inclusive and innovative place to be. 12/16

2/11/2018 Our MFG Newsletter - Issue One 2018 Teaching and Learning Making your children’s thinking ‘visible’: A few tips for Parents and Carers 1. Develop a growth mindset. A belief that intelligence and the ability to grow and develop over time - as opposed to something that is fixed and set - encourages greater risk taking, collaboration, enjoyment of challenge, long-term development, and continuous achievement in all types of learning endeavours (Carol Dweck, 2006). Develop a growth mindset in your child by focusing your praise on process, learning, and e ort (You really worked hard on this and have learned a lot. You did a great job of developing a plan and following it through. You’ve really developed as a musician.), as opposed to ability (You’re so clever. Look how smart you are; you did that so fast. You’ve got a lot of talent). You can support this change in mindset through the language we use. Here are some possible options to replace the fixed mindset: Instead of… Try thinking… It’s good enough Is this really my best work? This is too hard This may take some time… I don’t understand this yet I made a mistake Mistakes help me learn I just can’t do this I am going to train my brain 2. What questions did you ask today? Our questions drive us as learners. When Isidor I.Rabi won the Nobel Prize in physics, he was asked, ''Why did you become a scientist, rather than a doctor or lawyer or businessman, like the other immigrant kids in your neighborhood?'' He replied, ''My mother made me a scientist without ever intending it. Every other Jewish mother in Brooklyn would ask her child a er school: 'So? Did you learn anything today?' But not my mother. She always asked me a di erent question. 'Izzy,' she would say, 'did you ask a good question today?' That di erence - asking good questions - made me become a scientist!'' © Ron Ritchhart, 2012 When your daughter gets home from school, ask her ‘What good questions did you ask today?’ I share this article with new parents every year. It’s a very interesting read about that got me thinking about the other kinds of questions parents and carers can ask their children each day a er school… conley/we-ask-our-kids-the-same-3- questions-every-night_b_11665530.html MFG Curriculum We have redesigned our Curriculum maps which will appear on the new website. Many thanks to Paula Hurley (a parent of a new Year 7 students) for all of her work and thinking relating to the redesign of our subject o erings. I have included just the Year 7 one in this newsletter. 13/16

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