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Our MFG Newsletter - Issue One 2018

2/11/2018 Our MFG Newsletter - Issue One 2018 From Our Student Leaders A message from Brynnie and Megan enjoy, such as Harmony Day and Wellbeing week. Like Brynnie mentioned earlier, we would love to hear from you, so please to not hesitate to speak to us about any ideas or suggestions you have to improve the school community. I would like to welcome everyone to the start of the 2018 school year and wish you all the best for the exciting year ahead. Despite the fact that school may not be everyone’s favourite place to be, particularly a er having six weeks of luxurious sleep ins, numerous food comas and no responsibilities, Brynnie and I are determined to make 2018 the best school year yet! In order to achieve this, we want to strengthen and build on leadership team within the college. We believe that by working collectively to include everyone’s opinions and ideas, that we will represent the student body to the best of our abilities. Although we can not guarantee free food every lunch time and time out of class, we will try our hardest to provide as many activities as possible. As a leadership team, we have already been hard at work and have planned many events and activities for the duration of the school year that we hope you will all We have also planned to run a variety of lunchtime activities, such as such as dodge ball and mindfulness colouring to make lunchtimes more exciting, particularly for the new year sevens. We hope that this will provide the year sevens with a warm welcome to high school and help you adjust to your new schooling environment. We would like to wish every one of you the best of luck for the school year ahead, even though it may seem daunting to think that we have to endure a whole year of school before our next lot of summer holidays. In particular, the year twelves, as it is your final year of high school. I would like to encourage you to make the most of this year as what happens now you will remember for many years to come. We hope that 2018 will be full of new and exciting changes that will benefit everyone. Thank you for listening. Byrnnie Rafe and Megan Kaiser, School Captains 6/16

2/11/2018 Our MFG Newsletter - Issue One 2018 Important Dates Term Dates Term 1 Tuesday 30 January - Thursday 29 March Term 2 Monday 16 April - Friday 29 June Term 3 Monday 16 July - Friday 21 September Term 4 Monday 8 October - Thursday 20 Decemebr Swimming Carnival Our Swimming Carnival is on Tuesday 13th Feb 2018. Parents, carers and family members are welcome at our carnival. Students are expected at school at the start of the day to have their period 1 roles marked before walking down to Kardinia Pool. They will be returning back to school for presentations and will be dismissed at 3.11pm. The house captains have decided to make the dress up theme ‘When I grow up’. If students intend to dress up then we would recommend wearing bathers under their costume so that they can compete and earn points for their house. They should also try to match costumes to their house colour. Body paint, streamers, coloured zinc, and balloons are not permitted by the pool sta . We hope all students attend this wonderful sporting event even if their intentions are not to swim. Trials are conducted in the morning with the main carnival beginning around 12pm. Year 7 Parent & Carer Welcome Session We hope that adjusting to life at MFG for your daughter(s), and for yourselves, is going well and the start to a new school year at a new school has been a smooth one. On Thursday February 15th, between 4 and 5 pm we invite you to a Welcome to MFG session which will be held in your daughter's home group room. The main aims of this session are: for you to meet the teachers of the class for you to meet other parents and carers to outline a few essential steps in how to use Compass to have time for general questions and chat You can conform your attendance on Facebook here. Later Years Parent & Student Evening: 'Thriving in the Later Years' You are invited to an information session, 'Thriving in the Later Years'. It will take place on Wednesday 28th February, from 6.00pm – 7.30pm in the Multi-Purpose Room on the Main site. The main aims of this session are: 7/16

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